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A micro-budget creature comedy that delivers big laughs!

Four friends band together to defend Los Angeles from a swarm of giant bloodthirsty cicadas.

Like the film’s lead characters, long-time friends David Willis, Beau Crawford, and Jeffrey Kent banded together in a battle against all odds - not exactly a fight against bloodthirsty cicadas, but a fight nonetheless to get CICADA! [the movie] to the screen.


David Willis is the Writer / Director of Cicada! He also acts in the film as 'Smelly Bob' the lovable city vagrant. When not injuring himself attempting various physical activities, he can be found at your local brewery spouting unsolicited opinions based on loose facts. A feral child from the suburbs of Boston, Willis uses his quick wit to divert your attention from the undiagnosed mental illness that fuels his bloodlust for B-movies and homegrown cinema.  A glutton for punishment, he has toiled in the creation of this film for the better part of a decade and anxiously awaits its delivery to the public. 


Jeffrey Ryan Kent plays Johnny Bash in Cicada! and he is one of the film's producers. Cicada! gave Kent a chance to rekindle his adolescent love affair with B-movies, recapturing the childhood joy of making short action videos with his family and friends. Kent keeps himself busy writing, producing, directing, shooting guns, driving Jeeps, flying airplanes, watching Bond movies, and perfecting the art of a well-mixed Manhattan (2 oz bourbon, 1 oz sweet vermouth, 2.75 drops of bitters, and a cherry - stir with in a round, upward motion and… DO NOT even think about shaking it you uncivilized scumbag... strain over ice & serve).


Beau Crawford plays Randy in Cicada and is also one of the producers of the film. Beau is originally from somewhere, likes things and has relationships with some people. He enjoys certain activities and some movies. Beau has many hobbies, some of which other people also like. Occasionally, he can be seen out at restaurants eating his favorite dishes of food and always has his drink, a tall glass of ice with a splash of  liquid in hand. He has a pet Grizzly who sleeps at the foot of his bed.


Cassandra Hein plays Cindy in Cicada! and she is one of the film's associate producers. She is a big fan of original comedy, loves to laugh, entertain and be entertained. Cicada! gave her the opportunity to laugh excessively with her friends, while enjoying the freedom to improv and being silly on set. Hein has been acting, producing & directing comedic shorts with this group of friends for more than a decade. She keeps herself busy with producing & directing, writing ridiculous songs, taking long walks on the beach, dancing, traveling and enjoying a cold glass of original rose' (Edna Valley Sauvignon Blanc mixed with a splash of Cambria - Julia's Vineyard Pinot Noir).

“Our intention was to create the type of VHS gem that made us all want to be filmmakers in the first place. We've tapped into that legacy while also bringing to life a creature comedy that is truly and uniquely its own. CICADA! has the essence of collaboration in its DNA and promises to please fans of the genre and newcomers as well. ”

                                                                                                  - David Willis (Writer/Director/Producer)

Setting out to create a creature feature that was unique, hilarious, and terrifying, crude animatics evolved into an endearing mix of location footage, blue screen, and amateur wire work that is authentically homegrown.


A grueling 15-day shoot - mostly nights - on a tiny budget was challenging, but camaraderie and laughter propelled the filmmakers through the entire process, culminating with a labour of love that encapsulates what its creators cherish about unpretentious cult films.

CICADA! premieres in Los Angeles October 29th, serving up the sort of B-movie cheese that fans of this genre consume with glee.  

Kyle McKeever curates Q&A with Cast & Filmmakers after the screening

Kyle McKeever.png

Comedian Andrea Carlisle Rodriguez hosts the red carpet event

Andrea Carlisle .jpg

The Halloween debut marks the beginning of an ambitious festival run and arthouse theater tour, catering to fans of independent horror-comedy across the nation.


For more information, visit or follow the film on social: @cicadathemovie

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